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Nic came to us in 2016 initially with a goal of getting bikini ready for a holiday to Dubai…
Without consciously realising, her weight had crept up past the 14 stone mark thanks to takeaways, too many nights out and not enough exercise.

“I just felt so unhealthy. I was eating rubbish. None of my clothes fit and I needed to take responsibility for how I was feeling and looking. I knew I could look better and I knew I needed to do something about it immediately.”

Nic had a wardrobe full of clothes that she loved, but couldn’t get into. There were items of clothing that had been there too long and clothes she just didn’t feel happy in.

“I had lots of lovely clothes and I wanted to wear them and feel nice in them.
I didn’t feel happy and comfortable with how I looked. It was getting my down. So I needed to start taking care of myself for my own state of mind.”

In the first 12 weeks before her holiday, Nic changed all her bad habits and started a new training regime at the gym.

“I’d only really ever run before, I’d never dreamed of lifting weights.” she said about the start of her journey with Body Smart.

“After the first few weeks I didn’t really move weight wise but I could feel a difference and carried on. I was like “This is so hard, but at the same time it was worth it.”

Soon Nic wasn’t just lifting weights but she was finding that her 6am gym sessions set her up for a day in her busy corporate career. She prepped her meals at night and started to see results within a couple of weeks. Going on holiday after her initial 12 weeks she looked and felt strong and lean.

“I decided I wanted to carry on after the initial 12 week goal and in total I went from a size 14-16 to a size 8 in those first six months. I had the best body of my life I was really happy with the way that I looked. I was really happy with the way that I felt; I felt so strong, felt like I had so much energy. I even felt more focused in work it was like my whole life had completely changed.”💪

Little did Nic know that life was indeed about to completely change. Nic had been working hard to get bikini ready for a girly holiday to Ibiza but something didn’t feel quite right and she was shocked but delighted to find out that she was pregnant 👶

“It was amazing. It was exactly what I wanted. But I did have to come to terms with the body that I had worked so hard for meant that I was now going to end up in a completely different place. But actually I was in the best place possible because my body was strong. I was fit and healthy therefore I had a brilliant pregnancy.”

Nic trained right up to giving birth to Maggie in November 2017. She was coached throughout, adapted her training to be safe and effective throughout pregnancy and did what she could to keep active.

Once Maggie was born and Nic was signed off by her midwife, she was back training and having that important time for herself.

“I’m in better shape than I was before I had Maggie. I feel really lucky. that I have been able to get my body back to where I want to be and then to go on and get in even better shape after having my baby. I think that’s quite unusual and the only reason I’ve been able to achieve it is because of the coaching.”

Nic has maintained and sustained her weight for over 2 years in total (including carrying Maggie) and puts the secret of her success down to knowing that she could eat the foods she enjoyed and the formula for success is a simple equation of calories in vs calories out.

Nic said “You would never in a million years think that you could eat everything and still lose weight. People look at me and they say “you’re always eating but you’re tiny!” It’s true, I am always eating. But I’m proof that if you count your calories and you exercise it is a simple equation and it works.” 😁

Nic admitted that her OCD and all or nothing personality helped her journey. She used MyFitnessPal and tracked her food daily, prepped her meals and followed the Body Smart training plans to the letter. Now she admits she hasn’t used MyFitnessPal in over 5 months and relies on intuitive eating to maintain her figure.

And when asked for her final thoughts for anyone reading this who might be considering Body Smart?

“I took a leap of faith at the start in signing up with Body Smart. I put my trust in my coach to help me and make sure I made progress. I was always able to ask for help whenever I needed it and got great coaching, advice and guidance. Don’t get me wrong, it was and continues to be a bit of work, but hard work shows results. My advice is to get stuck in and get on with it! I’m living proof that it works.”

If you’re ready to take responsibility like Nic, if you’re ready to dust off those gorgeous clothes that have been hiding away in your wardrobe and you’re desperate to wear, if you’re ready to put in the work and get results that last then we are ready to hear from you.

Take Responsibility, Take Control 👉


Five years before starting with us, Fionnuala got her weight down to 135lbs. She did this by severely restricting her food intake and training hard every day. She was thrilled – the lowest weight she’d ever been! As expected, it didn’t last long. Fionnuala couldn’t maintain it.

She then spent five whole years trying to “get back” to that 135lb mark.

She went through five different personal trainers.

She ate the same foods at the same time, EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Lunch was turkey burgers and avocado.

She believed in order to reach her goal she needed to sacrifice her social life. She didn’t go out, she didn’t drink alcohol, she didn’t eat out at restaurants and she didn’t deviate from the rigid plan.

“I was cranky. I was miserable. I was so down.” she said, reflecting back to that time.

Then she came across Body Smart Fitness, initially thinking “Oh here we go, another online coach that can’t help me.” and even though she was apprehensive, she was determined to try.

Getting Fionnuala to break free of the rigid plan and understand that she COULD and SHOULD have a life at the same time as achieving her goals was the greatest challenge.

We are so proud of her journey in overcoming this restrictive mindset and pleased to report that she DOES drink, she DOES go out, she DOES eat in nice restaurants and she DOES scoff the birthday cake, the Christmas dinner and the Easter eggs.  🍫🍷

She’s done this all while achieving that original obsession of getting to 135lbs…but she’s really not focused on that anymore at all.

“I’m a completely different person. The weight on the scales is not important. What is important is how I fee and how it all fits into my life. Coaching has had a positive effect on my whole life including my relationship, my family, my job and my stress levels. I am sad at the opportunities I missed out on for five years of my life but I have finally achieved something much more important than the number on the scales. I am finally happy.” 🔥

If you think achieving your dream weight, dress size or appearance involves starving yourself and sacrificing everything you love about your life, think again.

Coaching with us is different to anything else out there.

If you’re ready to be supported and ready to live your life AND achieve your goals, we are ready to speak to you.


As a result she was low, put on weight and felt like she was struggling in so many areas of her life. The way she felt had an impact on her work, she had no motivation or energy to play with her kids and just wasn’t herself.

PE teacher and mum of two Sarah had suffered a knee injury, undergone reconstruction surgery and was scared to train.

As a result she was low, put on weight and felt like she was struggling in so many areas of her life. The way she felt had an impact on her work, she had no motivation or energy to play with her kids and just wasn’t herself.

“I’d lost myself along the way. I wasn’t me anymore and it had to change.” said Sarah.

Sarah got on a call with Jim who explored Sarah’s situation and recognised that she needed to undergo an identity shift in order to progress and ‘get back’ to the happier, healthier person she was again.

Sarah had tried many fad diets in the past including the cabbage soup diet but never sustained any weight loss.

The Body Smart 28 challenge popped up on her Facebook feed and Sarah knew she was seeing something different. Although apprehensive at the start, Sarah was able to really throw herself into the challenge and learn more about food and exercise to help her achieve some amazing results.

Sarah lost 9lbs in the 28 day period and lost 8cm off her waist – a problem area she’d mentioned that she wanted to work on.

She is happier, healthier, less stressed and everyone has commented how much she has changed in just a month.

A month really isn’t a long time, but it’s plenty of time to test out the Body Smart Blueprint and what makes us different. Just think how you could feel a month from now losing those extra pounds and centimetres for good, learning a method that fits in with family meals, going out for food and socialising. Just think how much better you could feel learning how to manage your stress more by developing a more positive mindset.

If you’re ready to make a change, improve your self confidence and get results with ease then get in touch. We run 28 day challenges and more long term focused 1-2-1 coaching. The choice is yours! So let’s chat through what you want to achieve and see if Body Smart is that final different thing you’ve been looking for.


Mum of four and currently training to be a nurse, Beth was busy! She’d got to a point of complete frustration and needed a new direction.

Beth started with us having already lost 45lbs in 3 months but found herself struggling to maintain her loss. She’d trained with personal trainers but was nervous about online coaching and the fact we were halfway across the world!

Beth said “When I finally decided to apply for coaching and talked with Jim on the phone, I could see that the process is personal, sincere, encouraging, knowledgeable coaching and it was like I’d been handed a gift. I’ve begun to see myself through a different lens. Certain things are hard to see in yourself, but when a coach can see them and point them out and encourage you in them, then it helps you to begin to see them too.

I was also impressed by the fact that my coaches were available to me anytime I needed them. I’d never been offered that with my personal training. I was tired of being handed a generic cookie cutter plan. When someone listens to you and takes the time to get to know you personally and then actually applies what they have learned about you to a personalized plan…. you just can’t beat that! It was exactly what I needed! That’s why this has worked so well for me.

I’m proud of myself. What I’ve accomplished. Who I am as a person. I know that my strength isn’t just in my physical body, but it’s in who I am as a person. I’m not trying to say that this is all because of my coaching with BSF, I know that I had this within me all along. I think that as I’ve been able to become freer with food, and confident in myself, it’s allowed me more room to actually reflect on myself. I can see the growth and the changes, and be proud of it!

My advice to anyone reading would be YOU are worth so much more. If this is what you feel you need in order to move forward with your life and your health, then you shouldn’t let anything hold you back. What’s the worst that can happen?”

It all starts with a call. You know what to do. Get in touch and let’s talk about you and begin a personal process that’s tailored to you. As Beth says – Just do it!

Shift Your Mindset 👉


Initially hesitant to start because of her dietary preference, vegan Sarah found tracking her food and following the Body Smart blueprint an invaluable exercise.

Sarah came to us in September 2018 after following us online for several months.

Initially hesitant to start because of her dietary preference, vegan Sarah found tracking her food and following the Body Smart blueprint an invaluable exercise.

“Balancing out my carbs, protein and fat helped me lose half a stone in the first 4 weeks. I’ve gone on to triple my protein intake and my hair is thicker and my nails have improved. I’m stronger and more comfortable and confident. My body composition has improved too.”

Sarah was part of a group of 50 likeminded women who completed one of our monthly challenges before progressing onto individual coaching with us at Body Smart.

“I found having 50 women together in a group was great. You could share if you were having a bad day and it’s not the end of the world. The weekly check ins on the actual group were good as you could see how everyone else’s week had gone too. It was nice to support each other and see everyone’s progress.”

Although always a gym goer, Sarah had always struggled to be consistent with her workouts. She found Body Smart’s app a godsend for helping explain why each exercise was important and found herself shortening her workouts but gaining more strength and better body composition.

We asked Sarah what she would say to anyone reading this, sitting on the fence and wondering whether to go for it. She said;

“I followed you on Instagram for a little while and I always thought I should send a message. I sat there for months being like “I should probably do that” and then when I actually sent the message it was dead easy. You called me three days later and everything was easy to organise.

“For anyone thinking about Body Smart, I’d say if you’re not sure, at least have the call because they answered every single question I’d been thinking to myself for several months. So at least just have the call and if it’s for you, go for it and if it’s not at least you’ve looked into it. For me it’s worked out better than any other thing I’ve ever tried before so, it’s definitely worth the call!”

If like Sarah you’re reading this after wondering what we are about, why not take the plunge, send a message and let’s arrange a chat about you and what you’re looking to achieve. We can answer any questions and you can go away and make a decision if we are right for you.

Get Clarity And Build Your Pathway 👉


“I was working 6 days a week, standing and exercising in front of clients and feeling like a fraud. I was flabby and flumpy and it was starting to show in the way I felt. Some people had made comments about my body which I thought I’d brushed off but the truth was I just looked in the mirror and felt disgusting.”

“Here I was, supposed to be the epitome of health and fitness but I wasn’t taking my own advice. I wasn’t putting myself and my needs first. I was so unhappy in my own skin – inside and out. I was working so much and doing to much so I was just putting everyone and everything else first.”

Jen contacted us almost a year before she eventually signed up with Body Smart.

“I had an initial call with Jim and looking back I don’t think I was mentally ready at that point. Things had to get worse before they got better. They did get worse. I was deeply unhappy. I’d stopped going on night’s out, my clothes were very snug and I was very down about my appearance.” 😞

“A few months after making contact with Body Smart, I remember writing and posting something on social media about the importance of self love and loving your body. I just remember hitting enter and then saying to myself “Liar! You don’t love yourself at all!” and that was the point where I knew I had to do something about it.”

Jen got back in touch with us and had an initial call with Jim, working out her ‘why’ and the deep rooted reasons why she wanted to make positive changes.

She took action, and Jaymie called her to find out all about what future Jen’s life looked like. He created a personal blueprint for her to follow and coached her through every step. Jen completed her initial 12 weeks of coaching with Body Smart giving it her all to get incredible results.

“I feel like I’m in the right body now, I don’t feel like I am in someone else’s body. It is mine and I am so grateful for my body and all it does. I don’t have that judgement on myself anymore. I just feel so much better and so much more confident. I smile on the inside and out now.”

Jen continues to be an active part of our Body Smart community. In fact, Jen should be called the official Halo ice cream rep as she lets the community know of all the new flavours and stockists! She is a hugs support to other members and in turn they offer her support too.

“I felt like I couldn’t talk to friends and family about it as they aren’t on the same journey as me. Having that Body Smart community of likeminded people has been amazing.”

“If you’re sat here watching this and wondering about coaching I’d say seize the opportunity and give it your all. I am ready to step my coaching up a gear now and just continue to smash it!.”

Well done Jen, you’re awesome!

If you want some help to get incredible results like Jen, why not get in touch? We like to do it the old fashioned way and have a proper chat on the phone to find out all about you and what you’re looking to achieve.

Looking To Rediscover Your Self-Confidence 👉


She hated looking in mirrors and had no energy. As a newlywed she should’ve been in the prime of her life. So why did she feel so bad?

Meagan had been firmly strapped into a diet rollercoaster for years trying so many different tracks; fasting, low carb, no carb, eating ‘clean’ and had spent a large amount of money on many online programmes before her new husband found us online and recommended she look into us.

Meagan had lost confidence and was frustrated. She felt like she ate healthily but she wasn’t getting results. It go so bad for her that she even sought the advice from her doctor who ran tests to make sure that nothing was medically wrong.

It wasn’t. Meagan just needed a new path and a bit of direction to change her beliefs, habits and her actions.

She took immediate action and was surprised to learn that she could actually get to speak to us rather than “Get put in a group with hundreds of other people.”

Meagan jumped onto a call with Jim and loved the personal approach noting it was completely different to anything else she’d tried. After all, she’s been a part of so many online programmes she was an expert in this!

The trick with any transformation is to find what works for you and what she’d tried in the past had not worked at all. She liked the fact that following our Body Smart Blueprint is really simple and easy. Plus Meagan didn’t need to cut anything out or deprive herself. She happily and comfortably eats ice cream and pizza every week – if she so wishes! Without a sniff of guilt in sight.

In three months Meagan has lost more than she ever thought possible and so many family and friends keep telling her how she just looks smaller every time they see her! She has more energy, loves the gym and her confidence has increased.

She came to us and said she wanted to be able to “see what my husband sees in me” and she feels like she’s achieved this – and more.

If you’re tired of investing in programme after programme thinking that the magical answer lies in deprivation and misery then think again. As Meagan will tell you, our methods are easy, supportive and highly educational to help you feel in control of your daily actions.

Meagan started with a simple 10 minute phone call. That’s exactly where you get to start too. So let’s talk about you, let’s give you some answers. Book your call today.


“I thought it was in my genes and it was something I’d just have to accept.” said Lisa who was losing confidence in herself and finding her clothes didn’t fit or feel great.
Lisa joined Slimming World and although her friends got great results, Lisa was getting nowhere. “I thought I could just eat pasta all the time so I did!”. Not to knock Slimming World, but it doesn’t work for everyone and Lisa was one of those people. “I knew eating shouldn’t be a ‘syn'” she added.

Feeling frustrated that her efforts were going to waste and confused why it was working for friends but not her, Lisa knew she needed another solution. We popped up on her Facebook feed and she signed up for the 28 Day Challenge group that month.

Lisa did amazing. She learned all about macros and calories which was totally new territory for her “I never realised how important protein was!” she said. Lisa had amazing results after 28 days and decided to continue her Body Smart journey with 1-2-1 coaching.

“I don’t often reach out and ask for help. I’m very shy. But the coaching has been a massive support. It is nice being able to go to someone who knows what they’re talking about and you guys obviously have the knowledge to make it work, and it does!”

While the scales may not have shifted as much as she would’ve imagined, the difference in Lisa’s body shape has been unbelievable. “all of a sudden clothes were not fitting and I had to raid Primark for new jeans every few weeks!” she said.

Lisa now wears clothes she would never have dreamed of wearing, had regained confidence and is really happy in herself. Well done Lisa!

Lisa is proof that you don’t need to be defined by a perceived identity. She believed it was in her genes to be bigger and had acted accordingly for years on that belief. As soon as we started the mindset work with Lisa and coached her through redesigning her new identity, her results snowballed.

If you’d like results like Lisa get in touch and let’s chat about your goals and your life. We tailor all our coaching to each person for a truly unique and bespoke life-changing experience.

What Is Your Future 👉


The former gym phobe and part time carb avoider learned how to balance her macros to give her the food freedom she needed to maintain consistency.
In just 28 days Melissa overcame her fear of the gym and learned to love her exercise programme. She also introduced more carbs and ate more but STILL lost weight and body fat.

Melissa couldn’t quite believe her before and after pictures, losing 5cm from her thighs and 5cm from her arms in a month. She was amazed at a small loss on the scales but a big dramatic difference in her before and after pictures. She made improvements in her body composition, her strength and her mindset.

Melissa said; “If that’s what you can achieve in just over three weeks of being focused and committed then in a month or two you can look totally amazing!”

She loved her Body Smart coaching and the support from the other ladies in the group. “Body Smart have been very patient in getting us all over the line. There were no stupid questions with Jim, Jaymie and Stacey helping everyone with their queries.”

“In 3 or 4 weeks of commitment and a week of prep it was amazing what we all achieved. I was in two minds of going into this in the first place as there are so many things out there, so many training programmes. Yes you might see instant results with some of them but they are no sustainable. This is! So take the jump take the plunge join the challenge and just go for it guys!”

If you’re ready to take the plunge, we are ready to welcome you on board. Get in touch to join the next Body Smart 28 day challenge or why not organise a call to explore 1-2-1 coaching?

Start Your Journey 👉


Jess is the first to admit that even though she’d achieved an amazing weight loss before joining us, she was not at all happy.

🧠 The mindset shifts in Jess has been the most powerful part of her transformation. No longer feeling guilty about anything she eats or labelling foods as good or bad, Jess has made food work within her calorie and macro allowance.

🥂 The result? She’s eating cereal again, drinking an occasional fizzy drink and enjoying “a glass of wine with my pals.” Which doesn’t sound like a lot but for Jess who had self-banned all these for three years she now “looks back and it seems so stupid to me that this was something I’d done.”

💪 It’s not stupid, it’s growth! It’s all part of the learning curve and Jess definitely put her learning into practice. She really got stuck into resistance training and got over her fear of the weights section. Her focus with her workouts resulted in a huge change to her arms, upper legs and waist – areas she’d really wanted to focus on.

👉 We structured Jess’s workouts so she wasn’t always training in the gym. Simple resistance training at home using body weight exercises proved effective and saved on travel time to the gym. She’s so much stronger now and focuses on strength gains as non-scale victories.

🛏 Friends and family have seen a huge difference in Jess both physically and mentally. We worked on improving sleep and reducing stress along with the usual food and fitness strategies.

👉 “It took joining Body Smart to see a new perspective on things. I can see I wasted a lot of time in the past with a negative mindset and I’m in a place I wish I could’ve been four or five years ago.” said Jess.

Jess’s advice for anyone considering Body Smart coaching was “Don’t put it off”.

💬 If you’re ready to dive in, get in touch and we can chat more about what coaching involves and how we can help you achieve the results you deserve.


😄 As she explains in her testimonial video, within a month Rosalie had noticed a dramatic and positive change in her skin. Rosalie’s improved nutrition means she no longer suffers from blemishes AND she no longer wears concealer and foundation meaning she’s feeling a sense of freedom and truly confident in her own skin.

👩‍💻 Rosalie knew she needed accountability, support and guidance and was in the safe and capable hands of Body Smart Coach Stacey.

💪 With Stacey’s support, Rosalie was empowered to realise her inner strength and willpower. She dropped her previous excuses and limiting beliefs, put in the work and had incredible results. She has also been a brilliant pillar of support in our online community – always encouraging others.

🍴 Rosalie found peace with her eating habits and made food fit (even her beloved brownies!).

Rosalie said a few things in her testimonial that we appreciated and it definitely helps sum up what makes Body Smart different:

🙋‍♀ “The support was crucial – seeing other people also trying to win back their own body and their own mind and being able to help each other with tips.”

😊 “Body Smart is beyond caring. If you could combine caring and compassionate and put it into one word, that would be the word.”

👉 “I don’t identify with being on a diet. I could legit do this for the rest of my life. This is living a normal life while being smart about it.”

👏 Amazing words Rosalie, thank you for your very kind and honest testimonial. You have achieved some incredible results and you should be very proud.


😔 Despite having health problems out of her control and despite many costly trips to dieticians and nutritionists recommended by her doctors, nothing had worked for Susanna and she found herself frustrated at being in the same cycle of losing and gaining.

📲 She stalked us on Instagram for a while before getting in touch and finding out what coaching would involve.

😃 Susanna has been a dream to coach. She takes action, she listens, she learns and she’s got a brilliant sense of humour. Her sarcasm has me in stitches and I love seeing her celebrate every small win.

📉 Susanna’s lost over 40lbs but more importantly than that, she’s stopped the negative self talk in the mirror every morning and she’s setting a great example to her young daughter.

👩‍🏫 Along with being a busy Mum, she’s also a teacher. Despite having a lot to juggle, Susanna’s adapted her training from gym based workouts to home workouts throughout her journey. We’ve worked together to make food and training fit into her life, and not the other way around. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your lifestyle or precious time with your family to slave away with exercise. You shouldn’t feel like you can’t eat out or socialise with your family and friends just because you’re on a diet. Susanna’s enjoyed food and really lived her life through her transformation so far.

😄 She’s gained in confidence, she’s become more spontaneous and she says “I’m a lot more fearless than I used to be”.

❤ We LOVE seeing you continue to constantly step out of your comfort zone Susanna and we are really proud of all you continue to achieve. Well done!

💬 If you’d like to feel more fearless like Susanna, if you’d like to increase confidence and feel more in control then could the answer lie in getting some support with what you eat, how you move and how you think? If so, get in touch and let’s have a chat about coaching.


😧 Claire came to us having ‘graduated’ from a popular 90 day plan but found herself stuck. The plan was so rigid and restrictive that Claire actually feared carbs and would end up in a really mentally distressed state if she feared she had veered off her plan.

💪 Claire joined the Body Smart family and we’ve been able to coach her through many challenges around mindset and relationship with food. Claire no longer fears carbs and feels better for having carbs in her diet to help her training. She’s got incredibly strong in a short space of time and one of her main non-scale victory achievements is she can now do 5 pull ups! As she explains in the video.

📲 Claire quickly grasped the concept of tracking calories and macros on Myfitnesspal and got to a point where she’s now not tracking at all. Her intuitive eating skills have been honed and she’s living a life of freedom with food – enjoying a bit of everything she fancies without the crippling guilt and anxiety.

😄 Claire’s been a huge inspiration and source of fun in our private member community (her drunken antics on our group coaching calls were hysterically funny) and she’s showed our ladies how to balance a very demanding career with achieving goals.

👉 Letting go of Claire was really hard as a coach as she has been someone who has been a dream to support. Yet support also comes in the form of knowing when someone has reached a sweet spot of self-confidence, self-awareness and immense knowledge.

🧡 Claire we will miss you tremendously from our coaching calls and community but you will always be one of our sustainable lifestyle poster girls. Don’t be a stranger! We look forward to following your continued journey on insta and can’t wait to see more videos of more pull ups! (Especially when you shock passengers and do it on the Tube!).

💬 If you’d like results like Claire and a strategy that you can adopt for life, get in touch. Let’s have a chat about you and see how we can help shift your mindset into one of complete freedom.


🧪 Through medical tests, Rachael was aware that she has a mutated gene which makes her more susceptible to certain cancers. She came to us because she knew she needed to protect her future health and wanted to set a good example to her son.⁣

👩‍💻 With the constant support of her coach Stacey and the other ladies in the Body Smart community, Rachael has been able to achieve some huge non scale victories.⁣

💪 Having previously admitted to having ‘Nana naps’ wherever she could, Rachael’s seen her energy levels completely soar and there’s no more need for the Nana naps. Her sleep quality has improved, her cravings have subsided and she’s loving the home workouts that she now does “Straight away in a morning instead of wasting an hour on my phone.”⁣

🚭 Rachael’s also quit smoking and learned a heck of a lot about exercise technique. She’s also reframed foods she’d previously labelled as ‘sin’ ‘bad’ or ‘treats’ into foods she just enjoys in moderation and factors into her new lifestyle.⁣

💭 Rachael has been a dream to coach – especially taking into consideration her health risk factors. It is a real honour to help someone change their routines and habits and know that it isn’t just to look good in the mirror but also protect her future health and ensure she feels full of life every day.⁣

🙋‍♀ She’s been a great support to everyone in the Body Smart community and continues to amaze us with her changing body shape, her new muscles that keep appearing week on week and her openness to changing her mindset and improving the way she views herself.⁣

📲 “I applied for a call. Thought it might be a scam but then figured I didn’t have anything to lose.” she said about having that initial chat with Jim. Rachael is proof that there’s nothing to be scared of and a new lifestyle, way of thinking and increased energy could await on the other side of a call. Get in touch if you’d like to feel your best, just like Rachael.⁣

To sign up for personalised online coaching, click the link in bio 📲⁣


👩‍💼Emilie enjoys a very busy career in banking and client entertainment is a huge part of her work. She eats out 5 days out of 7. Before Body Smart Emilie had worked with around 10 different trainers in person and online. She never got the results she felt she deserved.⁣

🐟 Emilie describes how her relationship with food had become damaged after years of dieting and eating “cold fish and cold chicken out of zip lock bags”. She struggled to relax when socialising and would get panic attacks at the thought of eating out.⁣

💪 Emilie wrongly thought her story wouldn’t inspire other women. We and our community completely disagree. It isn’t about a huge weight loss, it is about changing your life for the better.⁣

😊 Emilie’s body composition has completely changed and she feels so confident in her clothes and swim suit. More than that though she has finally found food freedom and is able to relax with her clients and friends while she socialises.⁣

👉 Emilie was particularly keen to mention the level of support she felt she received from us. Even though we coach hundreds of women, Emilie says in this video she felt like the only one. That’s the level of service we always like to show. We are attentive and give you the attention you deserve in order to achieve your goals. No leaving you to fend for yourself. We arm you with knowledge and confidence until you gain those traits for yourself.⁣

❤ Thank you Emilie for sharing your amazing testimonial with us. We can’t wait to see you continue on your journey with us.⁣

💬 If you’d like results and the attentive personal service Emilie loved, then why not arrange a breakthrough call this week and see if we can help. We will see if you’re a good fit for us and we are a good fit for you. Let’s chat about you and your goals and how we can help you completely change your life.⁣


👉 Within 28 days, Rachel was starting to work on forging some new habits and soaked up all the educational side of the 28 day programme. For the first time in years she could see how the diet industry had never properly explained that all diets work – as long as there is a calorie deficit.⁣

😄 “I’d been told by a well known slimming brand that I could eat as many potatoes or as much pasta as I wanted on certain days and I can now look back and see how wrong that is. It’s a maths game. Calories in vs calories out. Once I understood that I could take control of my own eating.” said Rachel.⁣

💪 Rachel graduated from the 28 Day Challenge and decided to carry on her journey, moving into 1:1 coaching with Jaymie.⁣

👉 Rachel loved the support she received from Jaymie and all the coaches saying “People often question me about online coaching but I actually think because we aren’t face to face, I am more honest. I open up to Jaymie and tell him things I don’t tell other people. Not just my diet and fitness but my personal life too and he is always there to help me make sense of it and coach me through any struggles.”⁣

👙 One big win for Rachel was wearing a bikini on a girl’s holiday for the first time in her life. This has been such a big worry and source of anxiety to Rachel but once she started seeing results, her confidence soared and she wore her bikini on the beach with pride.⁣

🏥 Rachel also went through unexpected emergency surgery mid way through her first year of coaching with us. Jaymie was there to help her through her recovery and Rachel said “He wouldn’t let me train, made me listen to the doctors and made me focus on my diet instead. Those two weeks after surgery I lost more weight than the previous month!”.⁣


👉 This was the catalyst she needed to take the sport more seriously, treat herself as an athlete and get the coaching she needed to drop weight, improve her stamina and energy levels and feel great.⁣

📉 Kate had some seriously insane results in a short space of time. She listened and adopted the strategies given to her to lose an impressive 22lb in her first 8 weeks of being coached.⁣

🍎 Kate nailed the nutrition side of things pretty quick but struggled to get her workouts in around her erratic job which could see her working early morning to late at night on some days.⁣

😊 Kate’s now the lowest weight since before she went to University. All her family and friends compliment her body composition changes on a regular basis which has boosted her confidence.⁣

👊 Kate’s enjoyed the accountability and loved having me at the end of the phone. We are still working together while we try and get Kate’s habits around training cemented into her weekly routine – whatever challenges her job may throw at her.⁣

😄 Kate’s hoping to take her axe throwing further and go on to compete nationally and internationally. Our coaching methods have helped her develop and improve her strength which has been beneficial for her sporting endeavours.⁣

💬 If you’d like results like Kate it all starts off with a call to a Body Smart coach. We always chat first to make sure you’re the right fit for us and we are the right fit for you. Book a breakthrough call with a coach this week and let us support you to achieve your own personal goals.⁣


🍝 She also couldn’t cope with meals out with her partner. A date night should be a special treat but Tink couldn’t relax around food and constantly felt guilt and shame at what she was eating.⁣

🌍 A dream holiday with her family in Mozambique was tinged with sadness and that familiar feeling of shame as Tink felt so uncomfortable in the way she looked and felt. ⁣

“I wasn’t enjoying my life.” she explained in her video interview.⁣

👉 Tink had tried all sorts of approaches in the past but never stayed consistent with personal trainers, gym classes and different diets. ⁣

🍞 Tink always demonised carbs and fats so pretty much cut these out of her diet which left her with no energy. She bravely admitted that she’d also been trying to deal with an eating disorder on her own, caused by the stress and shame of not really understanding food.⁣

😄 Signing up with Body Smart has been “The best thing I’ve ever done. There were so many things I’d listened to in the past that were actually dangerous. With Body Smart myths are busted and you’re educated on the science.” said Tink.⁣

💪 Tink is passionate about instilling a positive body message to her young nieces and nephews to help them be happier, healthier people. She has been implementing Stacey’s mindset coaching and positive self talk which has really helped her self esteem and confidence.⁣

😄 She said “Body Smart is so much easier than anything I’ve ever done before. It’s not easy, but in the past I’d had some harsh input with previous PTs and been really harsh on myself. Stacey’s coached me with compassion and kindness which is different to any training I’ve had before.”⁣

👉 Tink also said “If you care about relationship, if you care about going out and having fun, if you care about your health for your family, your partner or your kids then Body Smart is worth it. It’s a worthy investment. If you’re on the fence and you feel crap about yourself all the time then this will fix it.”⁣


💪 Jo has just ‘graduated’ from Body Smart and is going it alone, knowing she has the tools for life when it comes to her nutrition, exercise and mindset.⁣

📞 Jo came to us in desperation and admitted that the first initial phone call with us was pure relief that someone understood her emotional pain.⁣

👉 Jo felt like she had tried and failed every diet, fad and quick fix to lose weight. So focused on losing weight, Jo had restricted food groups completely in a desperate bid to lose weight. She felt shame and guilt at eating things as simple as sandwiches and chocolate bars.⁣

Family members praised her for her qualities and wonderful personality but Jo felt so low in confidence that she felt like a fraud.⁣

👰 With her wedding date set and knowing she couldn’t go on like this anymore, Jo started coaching with Body Smart 15 months before her big day.⁣

💪 Believing that she couldn’t lose weight, we had to work hard with Jo to break down her limitations and help her believe in herself again. Not only did Jo make amazing progress with fat loss, but she gained strength physically and mentally.⁣

😄 As she explains in her video, one really important thing she learned on her journey is that she found her voice again. Her confidence had soared giving her the self esteem to be heard and not censor herself. This increase in confidence led to a promotion at work and one very healthy and happy Jo on her dream fairytale wedding day.⁣

👩‍⚕ Jo is a busy senior nursing professional with a young family including her new puppy Toshy (who features on the video). She’s loved the personal support which has challenged her mindset and enabled her to learn all about herself. She’s got stuck in with the community too and made “friends for life”.⁣


👉 With her daughter about to head off to college, Jese wanted to be a role model and show her daughter that investing in yourself, your health, your goals and your dreams is important. 

⚖️ The self-confessed scale obsessive was able to break free of the power the scales had over her for almost 20 years and learn to listen to her body for the foods it truly craved. 

💪 Jese says herself that her goal was “never to be 130lbs” but to be strong enough to achieve the goals she set and put off since she was a teenager. 

🙌 With big dreams of completing a triathlon, hiking in Hawaii and climbing volcanoes, Jese has developed a love of running, increasing her run speeds AND getting invited onto all sorts of charity runs and bike rides. Being able to confidently accept those invitations has been a “been a blessing” she told us. 

😊 Jese has been a pivotal part of our Body Smart community and has been there for others to offer words of support and advice. The community also responded and rallied together with Jese as she smashed goal after goal.  

😄 Jese loved the community aspect of coaching with Body Smart Fitness and said “There is never a moment where you feel like you’re isolated. Everyone there to help you stand on your own two feet.” 

🙌 She also felt that having a coach at her disposal to help her strategise every aspect of her life through the coaching process has “Helped so much having someone there available to essentially take that burden from me and deal with it all. My coach was so supportive and changed my mindframe on so many things. Having someone beside you is invaluable. There is no need to go it alone.” 

👉 Jese said she had “No regrets” and we love her rally cry stating “What are you waiting for? Just do it now! It is so much better when you start.” 

📲 If you know you don’t want to waste another day and get started then we would love to chat. We always have a call with potential coaching clients first to make sure that we are right for you and you are right for us.


😵 Working in a high pressured job with unpredictable hours, Guiliana had been on a rollercoaster with her health and fitness and was feeling ‘scatterbrained’ mentally. She was 30+lbs overweight and couldn’t seem to break her binge eating cycle.⁣⁣
💪 When the pandemic hit in the first few weeks of coaching, Guiliana was amazing in shifting her energy to home workouts and accessed our extensive Body Smart Learning Zone to get clued up on all aspects of nutrition, fitness and mindset.⁣⁣
🙌 Knowing Guiliana wanted and needed a tough love approach I challenged her beliefs, her blocks and her self worth issues to instil some solid knowledge which helped her gain confidence. Our honest and open communication was the reason behind her success – she listened, she learned and she put everything I taught her into practice.⁣⁣
🥗 As a vegetarian, she’d seen nutritionists to try and help educate her on protein sources and felt like she got zero resources and no support. We knew this was her way of eating so tailored our coaching to encourage her to try new foods and new protein sources while still enjoying foods she loves.⁣⁣
😄 Guiliana said “I wanted to do this testimonial to show those ladies on the fence what is possible and why it works. You think you’re okay feeling slightly dissatisfied with your health and weight but it’s bigger than that. You owe it to yourself to invest in a team who mentally, physically and emotionally changes you. ⁣⁣
😊 “Coaching was educational, caring and life-changing. Jaymie always cheered me on and educated me on slip-ups that showed me how to be 1% better every day. What you teach compared to other programmes is applicable every day and forever.”⁣⁣


👉 Leanne worried that in order to marry the love of her life, her partner Mike, she had to ‘look’ a certain way.⁣

😞 She’d tried so many fad diets that had left her miserable and was at what she describes as “the lowest point of my life” realising that she’d never find the confidence to get married if she carried on being in a cycle of diet failure.⁣

💪 Leanne thought that hiring a personal trainer meant that they’d be shouting at you at the gym but she saw the results Body Smart were getting for their clients, knew she wanted to take action and gave coaching a go.⁣

🙌 Leanne has no regrets and even called coaching “Life changing”. She’s developed so much inner and outer confidence as a result of her coaching journey and learned so much about herself in the process.⁣

😄 Leanne said that coaching was an opportunity to learn and grow as a person. She certainly has! Her weight loss wins and strength gains are fantastic but the real win has been having the confidence to put a full length mirror up at home and most importantly, finally setting a date to marry Mike. (Yay!)⁣

👉 Coaching is so much more than weight loss and stopping restricting foods. The impact that coaching can have on your mental well-being is incredible.⁣

If you’d like results like Leanne and to feel super confident inside and out then get in touch.⁣

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😄 In fact, Tiffany made such good friends in the Body Smart community that she was invited over to the UK. She made the trip from Portland, Oregon and enjoyed a week’s vacation in Merseyside, Lancashire and London with some of our community members.  
💪Tiffany came to us wanting to continue the weight loss journey she had started herself and left realising it was the educational part of coaching that proved the most valuable. She now has a toolbag full of knowledge, hacks and strategies so that she can sustain her results for life.  
👉 Tiffany had lost a lot of weight on her own and started to follow us at Body Smart for our advice. She commented on a lot of our posts and joined the conversation so we reached out to her to see if she needed an additional helping hand.  
😆 After establishing that we were the real deal and not, in fact, axe murderers, Tiff revealed she was still worried about what to eat, scared of socialising and the impact on her results and she had no real plan to follow. She reached out, asked for help and started on her coaching journey with us.  
👏 Tiff lost weight but she gained so much. She gained muscles she didn’t realise existed in her arms and legs and noticed her strength increasing with her training sessions. Despite injury setbacks, she worked with her coach to still stay on track and do what she could.  
💪 Tiff graduated from coaching with a bucket load of new knowledge, better self-esteem and confidence and a more positive mindset. She is no longer scared of food and knows how to eat for everyday life while maintaining her results.   
😊 Tiffany said: “I wish I had done it sooner. I don’t regret a single day or single question I have asked. This is the best choice and the best thing I could’ve ever done for myself. If you’re on the fence, hop off into doing it. You won’t regret it.” 


👉 As she explains in the video, she ate on the road, never exercised and gained 51lbs in a year. She was also in extreme pain with heartburn that medication wasn’t relieving and it was so bad it would cause her headaches.  
She tried intermittent fasting before coming to Body Smart knowing she was at a place of desperation where she needed help.  
😊 Rebekah worked with coach Nicole on unpacking her all or nothing mentality and introduced new habits one by one. She loved our approach to mindset and knew she needed help to change her thinking and instil discipline to help her progress.  
🧽 Rebekah has been like a sponge soaking up as much knowledge as she could and now loves to pass on that knowledge to her coworkers who have been so impressed with her weight loss (and have noticed that she still eats the doughnuts and cookies and still gets results).  
🙌 Rebekah chose to invest in herself knowing that she couldn’t carry on feeling as bad as she did and she is so glad she made the first step and organised that initial call with a Body Smart coach. Her heartburn has gone, she’s lost 26 pounds and is loving her new way of life.  
😄 Rebekah said: “My experience here has been amazing and I am so thankful I didn’t hold back on signing up. This was hands down the best decision I’ve made in 2020.”  
😊 Coach Nicole commented: “Rebekah is one of the most beautiful examples of what is possible when you commit to your decision to change your life for the better. She has overcome many long shifts at work, many restless nights with little sleep, and countless offers to eat that would derail someone who wasn’t as dedicated to their goal. Her determination grew every single day, and seeing her become the stronger and more disciplined woman she’s become has been an honor to witness.”