I work unsociable hours in social care and have always found it hard to maintain the work/social/fitness balance. A chronic yo-yo dieter! I was seriously unhappy with my weight and figure, how my clothes were fitting and generally how I felt about myself all together. I decided I needed to do something about it as I was getting married and nearly hitting 30. I did some online research, and via Instagram Body Smart wassomething that I kept finding myself scrolling back through, reading other people’s testimonials and looking at before and after pics. So I sent a message and got a response straight away. The last 3 months I’ve super toned muscles I never knew I had! I learnt how to manage previous injuries and dropped 24lbs, which brings me to my main accomplishment; I DONT CARE WHAT THE SCALES SAY! Working with Body Smart has taught me so much about my own body and how our weight naturally fluctuates so I will never let the scales dictate my mood again!

Anna wanted to lose weight to be healthy and ready to get pregnant and be a Mum. As Anna has PCOS, she has always struggled to lose weight. She tried every diet under the sun and believed that restricting food was the answer. (hint: it wasn’t) Anna lost an incredible 96lbs in 365 days. I just feel like a completely different person. I’m was really enjoying life and feeling really confident. My mindset has totally changed when it comes to food. I can have a takeaway on a saturday night and not put on half a stone and still stay on track.”

“I still didn’t know how to get control over my eating. I was ashamed of my body and how I looked, I wanted to hide myself from my friends and family because I was embarrassed that I was gaining weight again and felt gross. I had a deeper issue with food, and there was no amount of exercise that was going to solve my problem. I’d tried personal trainer after personal trainer and none of them were ever hearing me and my actual struggles. A big mental shift that has happened for me over the past 12 weeks is a new-found freedom in the way I think about food. I am working and every gram of carbs, protein, and fat that goes into my body has been weighed, measured and recorded. So I eat and enjoy the good food and the even better food with confidence now. It feels pretty damn good. I’m beyond excited. I walk taller, and I feel so strong. Every part of my body, every muscle has gained strength from the beginning until now.”

“Body Smart plan has given me the all the support & guidance I could need. I’ve lost 27lbs in weight, built lean muscle and completely changed my body shape. I am wearing all my old clothes and feel fantastic. The best thing has been watching my friends and family’s reaction when they see what I eat. I’ve eaten all the things I like, been on holiday and even enjoyed nights out too. Thanks for all your help and support!”

“I can honestly say I’ve never felt so amazing than I did on my wedding day and honeymoon! After the weight creeping up on me slowly over a number of years, I tried various ways to try and lose the weight on my own but found myself plateauing, and so I came to Body Smart for help to get me back in shape. Thanks to the nutritional support and workout programmes, I immediately started seeing results and very quickly became hooked on how good the regular training and eating well was making me feel. That said, I was still able to enjoy meals and drinks out which is a big part of my social life. After losing 3 stone and getting down to 16.5% body fat I had the confidence to wear the wedding dress I had always dreamed of and I can’t thank Body Smart enough!

“My husband loved me for me, no matter what I might have looked like. We had only been married a matter of weeks but he could see on the inside I was not happy. I was losing confidence. I hated looking in mirrors and I had to do something different.”

The difference was us. Meagan noticed the difference in our approach straight away when she was offered a call. We talked through her struggles and what success looked like for her. We gave her some solid and sound advice and pointers (as we do with everyone we speak with – regardless of whether we are the right fit for them). Meagan began her coaching journey and could not believe the difference to other programmes she’d been a part of.

Meagan enjoyed the mindset work and shifted her identity to become more motivated and focused on good habits. She’s lost 33lbs/15kg in five months and feels incredible. Everyone has been commenting on how different she looks and she is happy she “can see what her husband could always see”. With more energy and a better relationship with food, Meagan is looking forward to maintaining her results while continuing to enjoy eating pizza, ice cream, chips and all her other favourite foods.

“Before Body Smart life was a rollercoaster ride. My weight and energy were always up and down.

I would falsely believe that eating less would mean me losing weight. I tried all sorts and even did the skinny coffee thing. It left me with no energy or motivation to do anything.

I wish I had found you guys sooner! Body Smart’s approach is different. You never judge, always support. I have made friends with some amazing people in the group and had my eyes opened. I liked the fact that Body Smart was available at any time through the app and there is always support from my coach and the community.

My mindset has definitely shifted. I am more positive even if fail I know I can still achieve my goals. Even baby steps will get me there!”

“I am proud of myself for working so hard.” Amen Susanna! 🙏

🙋‍♀It does take work but once you put the effort in you not only reap the rewards, you can change your habits and behaviour for the long term.

⚖ Before Susanna joined Body Smart she’d tried it all and was in a cycle of losing and gaining the same 20lbs. “I did weight watchers, juice cleanses, appetite suppressants from doctors, meal plans from nutritionists, extreme restricting. “I was tired all the time. I was frustrated and I felt trapped where I was.” explained mum of one and teacher Susanna. .

📲She followed us on Instagram and said “I was interested in the team’s genuine interest in helping people change, and the approach to teach me how to do it myself and not just follow a plan.”

👨‍💻With a lot of support where we empowered Susanna to be her own best cheerleader and realise she was in control. We encouraged her to be patient and celebrate every small win.

“Going through coaching made me face fears and obstacles I hadn’t dealt with. It was difficult in the beginning because I was out of my comfort zone, but all the wins have made it exciting.” said Susanna. “I had an awesome coach who challenged me and motivated me. I also was shown that progress requires patience. And I was able to be in a safe environment where I could see I wasn’t alone.”

🧠Susanna said: “I have become more confident, willing to take chances, I am stronger, and I have lost 40lbs. I have realized changing your mindset is 90% of the battle. I am proud of myself for working hard.”

💬She had this advice for anyone else reading this: “Just take the leap and do it. Do not let the fear of failure keep you from challenging yourself. You are worth the investment.”

☝️If you’d like to take the leap like Susanna, get in touch and arrange a chat. We like to find out more about you and what success looks like for you. Then we can decide together if coaching and Body Smart is the right leap for you.

💬 “Physically I wanted to lose my muffin top and get fit. Mentally I had no idea how to do this. Emotionally I lacked confidence.”

👉 Is where Body Smart Fitness client Sarah was before starting with us. It’s a common complaint – knowing what you want, but having no idea how to do it or the confidence to get started.

🖥 Sarah is sat at a desk for most of the day, works long hours and has a lot of responsibility in her job meaning we had to ensure that any changes would fit around long work hours.

🚴‍♀ Sarah had tried going to the gym and attempted some spin classes but always felt she didn’t know what she was doing to make a lasting change.

☯ She started her coaching journey with Body Smart Fitness and soon was understanding how to keep everything in balance.

💪 “I learned that I needed to get a healthy balance, with food, exercise and manage my lifestyle and this is unique to me. At times I did struggle to keep everything in balance. It does take effort tracking and prepping food, going the gym and balancing everything with work. I enjoyed learning about food and calories and soon the positive feedback from everyone and seeing my hard work reflected in my results made everything easier.” said Sarah.

😃 “This approach has changed my way of thinking. I have made this a lifestyle and part of my life rather than a diet. The results have been worth it.”

🙌 I’m sure you’ll agree, Sarah’s had incredible results. She put the work in and reaped the rewards.

😊 She summarised; “Mentally I can now understand and manage my food choices. Physically I have dropped a dress size and am happy with my new body. Emotionally I feel the best version of me!”

💬 If you’d like results like Sarah and want to know how to balance a demanding job, lack of time with effective workouts and easy food prep then get in touch! It’s all part of our coaching service and it’s what helps support each client to their own unique new lifestyle.

😞 “Depressed. Overweight. Self loathing. This was my state of mind for the last several years.” said Body Smart client Rosie.

⚖ Over eating, affecting self esteem and mental health, Rosie decided at the start of 2019 to change. She tried it alone but by the end of Feb hadn’t lost a single pound despite cutting out all her favourite foods and “feeling like I was on hunger strike.”

📚 “I realised that I was missing something… KNOWLEDGE! I was trying to figure out what I should be doing but there was so much online that I didn’t know what info was correct or the healthiest. One of the pages I followed on insta was Body Smart Fitness, and it always made sense, it wasn’t over complicated.”

📲 “I was sitting at a friend’s bbq trying to avoid the juicy burgers by scrolling through Instagram and seen that BSF were offering a free coaching call, I got excited. Jim called and the conversation was all about me and what I wanted to achieve.”

🧠 “I was coached by Stacey and realised in setting my initial goals that weight loss did not come into it. I wanted to change my mindset around food, improve my knowledge on my general diet and subsequently improve my mental health and physical health. At no stage within the first few months did I talk about weight loss or did Stacey ask me about it. I was here to improve my health. She was on my wave length and it was great, because without focusing on weight loss it happened all by itself!”

😄 “As the journey continued my strength, fitness and mindset improved. BSF has given me exactly what I came for and so much more. My mental and physical health are so much stronger than they where when I started this journey 6 months ago and I now have the confidence that I can take away everything I have learnt to continue on my own. The support from Stacey and the rest of the BSF community is unreal, I recommend it to anyone as long as you want to improve yourself. Thanks for everything”.

😄 “I love that I can eat whatever I want! Carbs are NOT bad, and you CAN have ice cream!” said Kelly when we asked her about how she felt after four months of 1:1 personalised coaching with Body Smart. 

Kelly came to us feeling unorganised and in need of desperate help. 

😞 “I had no idea how to feel healthy, stick to a workout plan, or lose weight. I really didn’t like looking in the mirror or getting dressed,” said Kelly. 

👉 She also thought that coaching would mean she would have to stop eating certain foods, like white rice which she LOVES and train super hard from the jump to see results. 

💪 Kelly learned to drop a damaging idea that exercise is ‘punishment’ – something we see so much with our clients when they start with us. 

😊 “I now realize it’s about the moment and doing your best that day and building for the long term. No punishment exercising or dieting ever!” exclaimed Kelly. 

Kelly hoped to lose weight or feel better about herself, but she gained so much more.  

😄 “I am super confident knowing exactly what I need to do to either lose weight, eat right, and even manage stress. Overall I feel in control of my body and health. On days when I may not follow all my plans, I still don’t feel bad because I know exactly what to do to feel better.” 

🙌 Kelly has also improved so many of her stomach problems, seen her body change in ways she didn’t think was possible, and she feels like she can achieve any goal. 

💪 She loved the support of her coaches; “I liked having someone to bounce questions to, watch my form, and vent about things I was struggling with.”  

👉 Kelly also loved the Body Smart app to track everything in one convenient place and made good use of the Learning Zone resources, especially on nutrition, to enhance her lifelong learning.  

I want you to know the most important bit of Claire’s story. 

👉 Yes, she got results (lost 33lb) 
👉 Yes, she got stronger (upped all her weights at the gym) 
👉 Yes, she started to run (and smashed her first half marathon) 

😯 But what the pictures and the weight graph don’t tell you is that Claire suffered a serious and traumatic head injury in January of this year. 

She needed surgery and an extended recovery period which left her understandably exhausted. 

💪 She wanted to continue the coaching journey, despite this setback.  

😊 As her coach I was honoured that she wanted to continue. Not for the weight loss or the gains, but the mindset coaching which we know is vital to long term transformation.  

🙌 As we are a 1:1 personalised coaching company, we were able to quickly adapt to Claire’s needs and set new expectations which focused around a speedy recovery. We played with calories and focused on self care, meaning Claire was able to maintain optimum nutrition habits. This most definitely helped her to heal. 

😄 When she was able to, we got her back in the gym and she’s now winning with PBs on her exercises PLUS she not only goes running but she ACTUALLY loves it too (I know, mad isn’t it?!)  

💪 When she started with us, she’d tried to diet herself using myfitnesspal’s standard 1200 calorie suggestion (please do get expert advice on this as for the majority, this is too low). Claire now eats 1900 calories a day on maintenance and she’s happier and healthier than ever. 

😊 As she says in her Trutspilot review: “I took a chance and couldn’t be happier. I can wear a bodycon dress and still enjoy pizza and wine!” 

🙌 I am so proud of Claire. My heart sank for her when I saw the images of the extent of her head injury but I feel so proud to have helped her get back on her feet. 

♥️ Well done Claire, you really are a true inspiration. 

💪 “Working with Bodysmart became my sanity and my rock” said Giuliana.⁣⁣
😵 Working in a high pressured job with unpredictable hours, Guiliana had been on a rollercoaster with her health and fitness and was feeling ‘scatterbrained’ mentally. She was 30+lbs overweight and couldn’t seem to break her binge eating cycle.⁣⁣
💪 When the pandemic hit in the first few weeks of coaching, Guiliana was amazing in shifting her energy to home workouts and accessed our extensive Body Smart Learning Zone to get clued up on all aspects of nutrition, fitness and mindset.⁣⁣
🙌 Knowing Guiliana wanted and needed a tough-love approach I challenged her beliefs, her blocks and her self worth issues to instil some solid knowledge which helped her gain confidence. Our honest and open communication was the reason behind her success – she listened, she learned and she put everything I taught her into practice.⁣⁣
🥗 As a vegetarian, she’d seen nutritionists to try and help educate her on protein sources and felt like she got zero resources and no support. We knew this was her way of eating so tailored our coaching to encourage her to try new foods and new protein sources while still enjoying foods she loves.⁣⁣
😄 Guiliana said “I wanted to do this testimonial to show those ladies on the fence what is possible and why it works. You think you’re okay feeling slightly dissatisfied with your health and weight but it’s bigger than that. You owe it to yourself to invest in a team who mentally, physically and emotionally changes you. ⁣⁣
😊 “Coaching was educational, caring and life-changing. Jaymie always cheered me on and educated me on slip-ups that showed me how to be 1% better every day. What you teach compared to other programmes is applicable every day and forever.”⁣⁣

😮 Check out this mum’s incredible results after only three weeks!⁣

🙌 Waseema started with us last month. She’s the proud mum of an 18 month old little girl and came to us for support to help get her confidence back.⁣

💪 Waseema set herself a long term vision and knew she wanted to feel lean and strong. Already an established CrossFit enthusiast, Waseema knew that she needed to asses her mindset around food to help her reach that goal of lean, strong and confident in her own skin again.⁣

🍷 Waseema also admitted to something really common – labelling foods as good and bad and being stuck in a cycle of eating little in the week and loads at the weekend along with lots of drinking and socialising.⁣

😋 We worked very closely on helping Waseema learn how to fit in foods and drink she loves without the guilt. Having this accountability and taking ownership for choices at the weekend, rather than a free for all has been like a lightbulb moment.⁣

🥙 Stacey suggested more exciting recipes which she enjoyed trying out and found it helped her avoid that ‘on track’/‘off track’ mentality. ⁣

We also encouraged movement every weekend to get those days off on the right foot. ⁣

😄 Waseema has said there’s been “No guilt just enjoyment” and she can’t believe she’s eaten Easter eggs and hot cross buns, enjoyed alcohol at the weekends AND smashed her short term goals in just three weeks.⁣

💪 If that wasn’t amazing enough, Waseema is so happy that the next stage of her coaching journey does not involve cutting calories. As her coaches working with her on a bespoke 1:1 basis, we are now moving into a phase of sculpting her lean muscle. It’s really exciting! ⁣

👪 Hajra came to us at Body Smart having battled her obsession with food since she was only 8 years old.⁣

👉 Hajra’s yo-yo life had left her depressed and obsessive about what she should and shouldn’t be eating. She reached a crisis point in her own mind where she overhauled her lifestyle and decided that she would not resort to extreme diets. She lost 10kg over the course of a year by doing her own research and keeping herself accountable but when her motivation started to wane, she knew she needed expert help.⁣

😄 “Motivation and knowledge gaps hindered me. That’s when I found Body Smart! When I spoke to Jim, everything he said aligned with my intentions and goals. Body Smart is all about gaining that knowledge and forming life long lessons that would not only help me reach my goals but maintain them! I joined Body Smart VIP in November and I am amazed at my own progress.”⁣

🚶‍♀ It isn’t all about the weight loss (Hajra has lost just under 11kgs/24lbs) Hajra is shocked and surprised at how much she now loves and craves exercise – even if that is a simple walk in the outdoors.⁣

🙌 “I went from being lazy to walk everyday to craving those walks and fresh hair. I now miss my workouts if I skip them and really value the feeling I get once completing a workout.”⁣

😊 Hajra has been brilliant to coach. She was already very knowledgable but needed help switching her mindset, believing in herself and learning to incorporate all the foods she loves.⁣

😄 She said; “I love living a balanced life where I am not obsessive about what I eat but I am knowledgeable and accountable. For me that knowledge is the power that fuels this journey. Stacey and the team provide not just personalized coaching, but also a priceless mindset.”⁣

💪 Diana spent a year working with a PT to get the same results it took her 5 months to achieve with Body Smart!  
“I dieted, hired a PT, got some great results but lost them in just a couple of months,” said Diana.  
😞 This caused her to be frustrated and not happy with her body and appearance. Diana was stuck in a binge-restrict cycle and even going out or meeting friends for dinner was giving her anxiety.  
👉 Diana came to us looking to be guided through a programme that would tackle food and fitness. When we started working together it was obvious her demanding job as a consultant and crazy long hours was causing a lot of stress and her waning habits were adding to her stress.  
🙌 A lot of work has happened to shift Diana’s mindset. Coach Stacey helped with stress management and advised on techniques to help plan busy days in advance so she could fit food and workouts into her busy schedule.  
😄 Diana said: “I did not believe that I will ever be able to get into this shape! I gained confidence and I really love my new body! I got stronger than I ever been- even during lockdown!”  
💪 Coach Stacey said: “We have worked closely on finding movement that Diana enjoys and helps relieve stress – it turns out she needed to find her inner badass, and now loves heading to Ju-jitsu three times a week.”  
😊 “Addressing the mindset and holistic part of this journey has been absolutely fundamental to Diana’s success. She has learned and integrated mindful eating and daily self-care and stress management rituals, that means life, in general, is a happier place.”  
👉 If you think you can’t achieve your goals due to crazy hours and lots of commitments think again. We specialise in helping busy professionals realise that they CAN have it all (and it always ends up having a positive impact on their career too!).  

“Lots of people around me have been blown away by the difference and they’re really shocked when I tell them that I’ve only lost 26lbs and not more, as they think I’ve changed so much. Today, I’m weighing almost two stone more than I was on my wedding day, yet I’m actually slimmer and look a lot better.”

I joined Body Smart willing to give it a go and up to now I’ve lost 3st 7lb. With a lot of help from the guys working with my food & training, I have managed to keep the weight off. I feel so much better in myself & the way I look. I now find exercising fun not a chore. I always used to find an excuse but after starting with Body Smart & seeing how easy it was to still have the food I love & also see the weight fall of it’s so reassuring”

“Over the last 12 weeks the Body Smart plan has given me the best support ever. I’ve lost 22lbs in weight, built lean muscle and completely changed my body shape. I am wearing all my old clothes and feel fantastic. The best thing has been watching my friends and family’s reaction when they see what I eat. I’ve eaten all the things I like, and even enjoyed nights out too. Thanks for all your help and support!”

“I lost 7 inches of my stomach and 16lb. I was shocked at how quickly I saw results when comparing my photos, even after the first 4 weeks. I was never too worried about my weight, I was more concerned about my size. I stuck to my plan and after my 4 week weigh in I tried in my new jeans, I could nearly do them up, it was working  After 8 weeks other people starting commenting on my shape which spurred me on. I tried on my new jeans, I could do them up but we’re still a little tight. But I then realised that they were a size smaller than what I thought. I had not been a size 8 since before children.  After my 12 weeks I am nearly at where I want to be, I have changed my shape and managed to fit into clothes from before having children which I never thought would ever happen But I managed it all by making simple changes, working out times a week at home and I was still able to go out, go to a festival and go on holiday. Jaymie was also available every step of the way to help me and educate me with my diet and didn’t ever tell me off for living which meant I didn’t quit”

“The old me used to starve myself eating 1200 calories a day and spending an hour on the treadmill in the gym and not losing any weight. Feeling frustrated by this I contacted Jaymie at body Smart for help. As the diet is flexible it doesn’t feel like i am dieting as I can still eat all the foods I enjoy and lose weight. Jaymie has not only taught me how many calories I need but the proper amount of protein, carbs, and fats as well. Body Smart Has also introduced me to weight training as an alternative to cardio. Burning more calories in shorter sessions as oppose to hours of cardio with no results. Weight training has made great changes in my body composition”.

“Thanks to Body Smart Fitness they got my love of fitness back on track! I can’t thank them enough! All I wanted was to feel healthy again. this might not be a big transformation but it has mentally given me everything I need to get my motivation back! So thank you! And it’s been so convenient to have them on an app, to speak to my trainer when ever I want on chat and to have them give me a nutrition plan, they have so much help on their Facebook group and site to give you tips and tricks of food and fitness! I couldn’t recommend them more for people on the go! Thanks guys!!

“I am a nurse working 12 hour overnight shifts. Before Body Smart, I was sluggish and unmotivated to take care of myself. I had little confidence and none of my clothes fitted.

I’d seen Body Smart online and noticed several review testimonials. The before and after pictures spoke volumes.

I sent them a message and arranged a phone call with Jim to talk about what I wanted to achieve. I was bloated all the time and this was knocking my confidence. I was struggling with energy and time management.

With the help of Jaymie, I prepped ahead of time and he really focused on developing a better sleep routine. I have much more confidence and enjoy buying summer clothes again. I’m way more knowledgeable about foods and aware of what I’m putting in my body. I feel way more energized and in control.”

“If you give me something I will give it 100%!” said Jen and boy did she!

Jen followed her coach’s advice, even adapting exercise programmes around an injury. She didn’t give up. She gave it her all.

The result? Jen lost 10lbs and gained muscle. She went on her well-earned holiday and felt confident and happy in her bikini on the beach. Check out how happy she looks in the holiday hotel selfie!

“I just feel so much better and so much more confident. I smile on the inside and out now. I am so grateful for my body and all it does.”

😄 “I’d like to thank you for supporting me, believing in me and changing my life for the better. You don’t know how much this means to me!” – Jo, Body Smart client for the last year.

👩‍⚕ Jo is a nurse and worked long, tiring shifts with little free time or energy. She realised the only way to break this cycle of living to work was to invest some time into herself and get some accountability support.

😔 “I’d tried things like ‘clean’ eating and Slim Fast and I’d been part of generic weight loss groups. Throughout each ‘diet’ I was self loathing and I now realise I didn’t learn anything about myself. The extreme restriction caused me to give up feel like a failure.”

😊 “I joined Body Smart and thought it would be daunting telling a stranger (my coach) all about me but it has been amazing. The clear understanding BS coaches have about women and the importance of a holistic approach was different. They genuinely care and have invested so much time and energy in building my confidence and knowledge base.

🙌 “I can’t believe it but I am free! I am so empowered with knowledge and information that change and eradicates self loathing and feeling like a failure.

💯 “The understanding of my coach Jaymie has been the best thing about the journey. His reassurance and belief in me has changed me as a person. I still can’t believe a stranger could put so much time in to get to know me. We aren’t strangers now of course. “

Jo had these final words of advice for anyone reading this who might also have felt trapped and stuck in a binge/restriction cycle like her;

👉 “The service I have received is 100%. I am finally proud of my body and the strength I have. If you are stuck, confused, feeling like a failure, giving up, settling for just being unhappy and down, seek advice from Body Smart. They have the answers and help you with no judgement just understanding and encouragement.”

💬Contact us to see if we can help change your life.

🙌 Take a bow Body Smart client Kate who has achieved a whole lot more than just 22lb weight loss in 8 weeks.

🐰 Before joining Body Smart, Kate wasn’t a happy bunny. She wasn’t confident in how she looked but was also concerned about her fitness levels.

😞 “I’d not done any exercise since school and despite having lost a bit of weight after Uni, I still wasn’t happy. I’ve tried a few different diets, but none lasted that long, I’ve also tried to motivate myself to exercise, but not really had much success.”

Kate works as a youth worker by day meaning her work patterns involve long, inconsistent hours.

🍟 “I’m often running around, eating on the run so I had got into the habit of just grabbing fast food.”

👩‍💻 The lack of exercise and any real conscious focus on food left Kate not feeling as good in herself as she knew she could be. With her erratic hours, she looked for an online coach – knowing she needed something that would fit into her lifestyle.

🏡 “I also liked the fact that I didn’t need to go to the gym or use any equipment to work out if I didn’t want to. I’ve never been a fan of the gym.” So we tailored Kate’s programmes into a series of home body weight workouts she could do on her own time schedule.

😄 Kate said; “I feel like I’ve completely changed my mindset about food and exercise, I feel stronger and happier. I’ve a few ongoing injuries that make it difficult sometimes, but the coaches are really supportive. It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster, in the beginning I felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere, then I started to see amazing results, and now I’m hooked.”

👉 She had this advice for anyone considering coaching with Body Smart; “Just try it, it works for me in a way nothing else has. Body Smart is a fantastic holistic approach, nothings off limits if you do it the right way.”

💬 How good and motivated could you feel in just 8 weeks? Don’t wait to find out, arrange a chat with a Body Smart coach (just like Kate did) and let’s work out a personalised plan to have you living your best life.

💪 “I haven’t lost much weight do you think my story is worth sharing” said Mrs K when we asked if we could feature her story.
We disagree that this is not worth sharing. This is still an inspirational story as there’s always so much more than just the weight loss.

👩‍💼Mrs K works really hard. She’s out late every night with her corporate job and it often means she ends up eating out in restaurants. In the past this always stressed her out when trying to maintain her physique. She always struggled to relax on these very important work events and never really enjoyed going out to eat with her friends or socialising. She always felt she couldn’t eat the things she loved if she wanted to maintain her figure.

😊Mrs K loved working with us and learning to eat all the foods she loves. It’s created a huge sense of food freedom which has helped her relax at the work events and when out with her girlfriends.

👉 Mrs K loved the level of support she received from us and having done other online programmes was shocked at the level of communication, support and accountability she received from Jaymie and the team.

Mrs K loved seeing her strength increase and was particularly proud of the progress she made with her glutes following the programme created for her.

Well done Mrs K and thanks for sharing your progress pics with our audience.

💬 If you’d like results and the attentive personal service Mrs K loved, then why not arrange a breakthrough call this week and see if we can help. We will see if you’re a good fit for us and we are a good fit for you. Let’s chat about you and your goals and how we can help you completely change your life.⁣

😄 @petra.majchrak said “I feel in total control – my diet, workouts and my mind. I feel physically and mentally stronger. I feel like I have grown as a person, I know what I want and work hard for it, no excuses.”    
😞 Petra joined us feeling like she’d tried so many diets but they all made her so hangry and miserable. None of her previous approaches were sustainable.    
Here’s what she had to say on her own instagram profile @petra.majchrak:    
😊 Jaymie & @bodysmartfitness team were completely transformational for me ❤️I followed them on Instagram and Facebook for many months, loved their approach to weight-loss. I’ve always been an active person but got sidetracked with low-carb and fad diets. I really needed support, accountability and structure which is exactly what I received! 👍    
💪 With BSF I lost amazing 4,5 kilograms and 15cm around my body in 28 days! The whole experience was amazing, I couldn’t believe that by making small changes in my daily habits and being 1% better every day, my life would change so much ❤️I have finally managed to shift my food mindset and now I enjoy any food without guilt 👌They helped me realise that there is no “good” or “bad” food, any food is great in moderation, but more than that they taught me new behaviors, key to adhering to goals, new ways of thinking about the health journey, and tools to deal with life stressors.    
😊 I can’t tell you how much they went above and beyond to help me and really it was the daily accountability and daily messages back-and-forth with coaches that was the game changer.    

🙌 I’m so grateful to this amazing team, their dedication they put into each client, effort, work and of course RESULTS!!!! It’s one of the best programs and I would recommend it to anybody! 👍    

🙅‍♀️ Katrina used to wake up everyday, walk to the mirror and find something nasty to say about her body. ⁣

She came to us admitting that she’d always struggled with her body image and her relationship with food. ⁣

😥 “To my friends and family it never looked like I was struggling as I never hesitated when going out for dinner or drinks. However inside I was a nervous wreck often coming home crying and telling myself I was fat.” said Katrina.⁣

👉 Stacey @bodysmartstacey knew that mindset work was going to be as important as fitness and food and focused on coaching with an emphasis on self love and self care.⁣

😊 Stacey said: “We have worked a lot on mindful eating and getting her to trust her body and the process. Breaking down a lot of old unhelpful food stories. Finding the balance between working out hard and working out with self-compassion. Choosing yoga when needed instead of punishing herself with workouts leading to her hating the thought of them.”⁣

Katrina joined a month before COVID-19 hit and is so thankful that she did. ⁣

😄 “Working with Stacey and the BSF team has allowed me to open up my mindset in relation to food. I am now able to eat foods that I previously used to have panic attacks about! This has been a blessing during lockdown as the old me would have eaten a bag of chocolates and then been guilt ridden and anxious for days. Instead I am able to fit these foods into a balanced and nutritious plan where I am able to see the health benefits food actually brings, even the treats!”⁣

🙌 Now Katrina is in such a positive place with her mindset, relationship with food and how she views herself in the mirror. She can see the positive changes and those negative comments are not a part of the morning routine.⁣

💪 Well done Katrina! ⁣

👰 In October 2019, Sorcha went wedding dress shopping. That trip was a disaster and left her feeling upset but also gave her the nudge she knew she needed to try take back control of her diet, fitness, sleep, stress and body confidence.⁣

👉 Sorcha knew she had to be committed to building a lifestyle that makes her feel energised, confident and physically fabulous. She also knew it would take time and on our first call she asked what the options would be to continue after the initial few months – she was in this for the long haul!⁣

💪 With Stacey’s help, the girls worked together to figure out a programme that actually REDUCE the number of times Sorcha was training. This relieved a lot of the pressure Sorcha was feeling to do more in order to see results – even with the reduced number of sessions, the results kept rolling in!⁣

🍕 With Stacey’s constant coaching support, Sorcha adopted mindful eating techniques that allowed her to enjoy eating out, work functions and even enjoy pizza and gelato. She learned how to factored these foods into her macros without compromising her lifestyle.⁣

😄 In the past an increase on the scales would lead to her stressing and getting demotivated. Now, Sorcha approaches weighing herself as one of many factors of measuring progress or just noticing how her body reacts to different variables. This knowledge took away the negative relationship with the scale and has allowed her to stay focused and positive throughout!⁣

👰 The icing on the cake was when Sorcha braved wedding dress shopping again, just 12 weeks after the first trip and tried on a dress she never thought she could pull off… and it looked AMAZE! She said yes to the dress and feels a million dollars in her dream dress.⁣

🙋‍♀️Rachel came to us completely fed up and said “I look like a barrel!” on her breakthrough call with Jim. On the call she revealed her complete and utter frustration at feeling like she’d tried and tested a bucketload of diets and solutions and was still getting nowhere. ⁣

😅 “I’d been told by a well known slimming brand that I could eat as many potatoes or as much pasta as I wanted on certain days. I can now look back and see how wrong that was.” said Rachel when talking about her past exploits at trying to get results.⁣

👉 The problem is, a lot of mainstream diet clubs are a blanket method or a cookie cutter plan and what works for one person might not work for the next. Rachel experienced this herself and ended up confused and frustrated that it worked for her friends but not for her.⁣

What DID work for her was online coaching. ⁣

💪 Rachel found she was more honest and open with her coach Jaymie than she had been in the past with a face-to-face trainer. She was coached with 100% confidence and together they worked through Rachel’s limiting beliefs, personal challenges with her job and stress levels and what she liked to do exercise wise.⁣

👙 Rachel had never worn a bikini in her life before joining Body Smart. The mere thought of it instilled panic and anxiety so was never something she’d ever felt comfortable to do.⁣

😄 Imagine our pride when Rachel not only rocked that bikini on the beach but she also really enjoyed her holiday and didn’t feel pressure to restrict her food and drink while enjoying her well deserved break. ⁣

🙌 As you’ll see from her progress screen shot, yes she gained a little after her holiday but having learned so much about herself, her mindset, her nutrition and exercise she was back into her routine on her return and her results continued on a downward trajectory.⁣

📸 The Photographer who is FINALLY comfortable being IN FRONT of the camera! 

🤳 This is Christine and as a professional photographer she’s spent her career hiding behind the lens. Not anymore! 

🙌 Thanks to personalised 1:1 coaching with Body Smart’s Stacey she’s got a head full of knowledge, a bag full of mental strategies and a toolbox full of fitness and food hacks that has seen her make peace with her body and stop punishing it. 

😞 “I was so sad and uncomfortable with my body. It affected my mental health, work, relationships with others and self confidence.” 

😄 “Now thanks to the compassionate support from both coaches and the community, I’ve learned so much about my body. BSF taught me how to prioritise my health in a way that fits me & my lifestyle. Rather than me trying to fit myself into a program. 

😊 It’s the best investment into self care you can do. I look back at so many days where I was sad or lost about what to do and I wish I’d found BSF sooner.”  

💪 Stacey said: “Christine has transformed the way she treats and thinks about her body and the food she fuels it with.” 

“🙌 Post goal we have continued working together to solidify maintenance and feel confident to eventually move away from tracking her food. We have worked on a lot of mindset strengthening and language around food listening to her body, what feels good for HER, finding an intuitive balance, identifying IBS triggers, building a wellbeing and de-stress regime that keeps her feeling 100%, setting physical/strength challenges. 

😊 Christine has been through her fair share of emotional ups and downs through this journey, but full credit to her for always finding the learning and the “1% better” step forward. She’s a ray of sunshine to coach and her NSV messages always brighten up my day.”