Coaching Team


Jaymie was once nicknamed ‘macros’ in the gym where he started out as a personal trainer. He came on the scene as the new kid and erupted in popularity thanks to the mind-blowing results his clients got without a diet shake, pill or fad in sight - all while eating the foods they loved and socialising at the weekends. Jaymie pivoted into the online coaching space to help thousands of people break free from restrictive diets and get in the best shape of their lives without feeling deprived. He is inspirational in his relentless approach to make sustainable success really simple.


Stacey has been coaching and empowering women to find their own happy balance since 2012, weaving yoga, strength training and sustainable nutrition into her mission to guide others through the health and fitness jungle. Stacey is fiercely loyal and always has your back. She gets to the heart of what you want to achieve and delivers in-depth supportive and knowledgable coaching until you get there. It is impossible to feel down on her watch. Her energy is infectious and she’s an asset to anyone choosing her as their coach.


Kelly makes it her mission to spread positivity and confidence, empowering women to realise their potential and find self-love. She is a fan of home HIIT workouts so she can jump around care-free! No stranger to adversity, she has felt the staggering impact that improved nutrition and fitness can have on transforming your health and your life. A total foodie, she loves to eat and 100% believes that both food and fitness should be enjoyed; she’ll help you to realise it too. Netball mad, Kelly is a team player that will get you believing in yourself, helping you to make sustainable changes that not only fit in with your life, but enhance it, and get you seeing results that you never thought possible.


With over a decade of experience as a personal trainer, nutrition coach and online coach, Terry is an expert at getting the best out of clients. He has a degree in Sport and Exercise Science but puts his expertise to personal use by competing in triathlons, marathons or pushing his own body transformation. Terry loves guiding and supporting busy professional women to feel more energised and achieve all their goals with ease. It’s not easy to juggle things like parenthood, career, chores and expectations of others while maintaining the body and mind that you want. But like Terry’s approach to his own fitness, he’s here to pick you up and keep you going no matter how tough the journey gets, with the aim of getting you to achieve your goals with ease.


Ronan has been coaching clients for 10 years, helping them to transform their mind and body so they can become the best version of themselves. With a passion for Psychology and Nutrition, Ronan helps clients to break free from unwanted behaviour patterns and establish healthier, happier long lasting habits. Ronan likes to help clients find solution focused strategies that are unique to their lifestyle needs but also understands when clients need some 'tough love' to help them achieve their goals.


Heather is the athlete's athlete! A professional bowler herself, Heather has worked at sports performance facilities and universities helping athletes of various sports reach new levels of performance and health. Heather wears many hats in her work as a coach, strength and conditioning specialist, licensed massage therapist and pain-free performance specialist. She understands the juggles and struggles of those with hectic schedules and loves to help people get strong, ditch fad diets and find that all-important balance in life. In her free time, you can find this animal lover going on adventures in Rochester, NY with her two Shiba pups or doing DIY home projects!


Christina is a Marriage and Family Therapist with a specialty in body image and eating disorders. Christina was a professionally trained dancer since age 3 and both danced and cheered at the college level. Because of this she became a group fitness instructor in 2010 to share her love with others. Since then her love for fitness evolved to her becoming a NASM personal trainer and certified nutrition coach. Christina uses her speciality as a therapist and her education as a personal trainer to help women work through the negative thinking and behaving patterns that keep them from achieving their best selves. Christina’s passion is using science and psychology to create sustainable and lifelong change in the mind and in the mirror.


James has been working in fitness and nutrition since 2014, dedicating his science backed coaching methods to women. Realising that women didn’t feel confident and felt intimidated in the gym, he coaches with a lot of patience and empathy to help his clients achieve their ultimate goals. James studied Human Nutrition at degree level, saying “Anyone can turn up at the gym but the real results came in the kitchen through the right nutrition.” Originally from Surrey and now living in Bournemouth UK, when not coaching you’ll find James enjoying life with his partner and two dogs; Honey and Betty.


Brooke has been an athlete her entire life, and strives to make exercise fun even as an adult; with a busy schedule. Back in 2013, Brooke was able to participate in Nationals for the 800m, and now is training for her first marathon. She went to school to become a nurse, and after working on the bariatric unit, she quickly realized her real mission in life was to coach others on preventative care…AKA Health & Fitness! Which is why she decided to switch paths and get a B.S degree in Exercise & Wellness at BYU in Utah. Brooke’s passion is to help women get off the fad diet roller coaster & learn how to build a lifestyle that lasts through movement, mindset, & macros.


Seyi is a ball of abundant energy and joy. Based in Toronto, Canada, she is on a mission to help women incorporate wellness as an important part of their lifestyle. With a MSc in Kinesiology, and an athletic background, Seyi believes that exercising should benefit your everyday life and activities, whether that’s feeling stronger when carrying grocery bags, playing with your kids, or having less low-back pain after working long hours. Seyi is so passionate about helping clients achieve their goals and loves to educate and empower women to learn how fuel their bodies in a healthy and sustainable way. As a firm believer that if you look good, you feel good, Seyi wants more women to move better, look better and feel better.


Valerie is a US Air Force Veteran and a marathon runner. As a personal trainer and National Board Certified Health Coach she’s been helping women create and achieve their wellness visions for over 12 years. Valerie believes that fitness and nutrition should be individual AND sustainable. She uses her strong background in motivational interviewing to help clients dig into their deepest goals, identify and overcome obstacles and find the motivation needed to make change happen. She’s previously worked at boutique fitness centers such as OrangeTheory Fitness and Cyclebar. Valerie is a Precision Nutrition Level 2 Coach and a graduate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. In her free time, she enjoys working out, sipping wine and spending time with her husband and 8 year old daughter.


With over 16 years of experience in personal training and nutritional coaching, Luke has not only trained thousands of clients (including a Saudi Arabian Princess), but he has also trained a huge number of personal trainers and helped them to launch their careers. Having won a Distinguished Services award for his work, he is a respected name in the industry and has spoken at many events including BodyPower and FitPro conferences. He has also written for Womens’ Health magazine. His work revolves around deep health and making sure your plans fit into your lifestyle so that you’re able to keep them up long term. When Luke’s not with clients, you’ll find him camping, walking his dog, surfing, on the hunt for good food or with his nose stuck in a book.


Brianne was a collegiate swimmer and graduated with a degree in Exercise Science. Through education, experience, and determination, Brianne worked her way up to the highest level tier of personal training and became an Equinox Tier X Coach before transitioning to an online holistic coach. Brianne loves to help women discover next-level confidence through mindset practices and emotional regulation techniques alongside her nutrition and fitness expertise. Brianne gives her clients the opportunity to be the best version of themselves they never thought was possible. She helps them become aware of their own setbacks and guides them to overcoming each and every one.


Gav's from Glasgow in Scotland and was a PT for 10 years, clocking up over 12,000 PT hours before deciding to make the move to online coaching. Fiercely passionate about helping people, Gav works with clients to improve all areas of your fitness, nutrition and most importantly your mindset. Adopting a science-based but realistic approach, Gav understands that life is busy and stressful but enjoys working through these challenges to help you get sustainable results. Having come from a football background, Gav enjoys playing and watching a wide variety of sports, travelling, music, anything outdoors and spending time with his girlfriend and puppy.


Eric is a motivated individual who is determined to have all of those around him exude their best selves by instilling a desire to achieve anything they put their mind to. For almost a decade now, Eric has coached clients and even owned his own gym to help others in the constant struggle to remove obstacles and create lifestyle habits towards health and longevity. A lifelong athlete, Eric is always trying to find a new adventure to get the most out of life! When he isn't competing in obstacle course races, bodybuilding competitions, and most recently triathlons - you can find him outdoors: kayaking, scuba diving, hiking, or simply watching the sunset with good company.


Shaina is friendly, approachable and a lover of all things science. A qualified personal trainer, nutritionist and online coach, Shaina blends education, behaviour change and building a foundation of healthy habits to achieve sustainable results when coaching clients. Her mission is to show that weight loss doesn't have to feel impossible and you can give up those fad diets once and for all. When not coaching you'll find her with her French bulldog Lexi, taking in the sights and sounds of nature where she lives, or jetting off on another travel adventure to tick off her bucket list.


Alex is a certified personal trainer and nutritionist with a love of psychology and mindset practices. Alex loves helping her clients find ways to live a happier, healthier life while staying true to who they are as an individual. After working as a Hollywood assistant, actress, and writer for over 6 years, Alex knows what it’s like to be a busy professional with relationships, hobbies, and a career to maintain. She also knows what it’s like to live with chronic stress and exhaustion. It was because of her demanding job, rigorous work hours, and mental health experiences that made Alex seek out the life-changing benefits of a healthy diet and regular exercise for herself. She now helps clients take self-care seriously, eat better, and move more, and her mission is to show women that having a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to feel impossible or make you miserable.


Natalie is our Client Care Hero and is always looking for the best for each and every client. Highly driven and process-focused, Nat loves to get it done! Nat has experience in the health and wellness industry since 2012 having competed in Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Crossfit and Eventing Horses. When not at the gym throwing weights around and listening to rock music you'll find Nat chilling at home amongst her many many animals and enjoying that all-important family time with her partner and young daughter. Nat is also a lover of travel and nature and where possible combines the two by challenging herself to climb mountains in as many countries as possible.

Breakthrough Team


James is a businessmen by trade but leads with the heart. Always the first on the dance floor, positive, helpful and compassionate - he is the deep-voiced coach you may have spoken to if you’ve ever been on a highly valuable breakthrough coaching call. A former gym-based PT turned online coach and mindset wizard, James has decades of experience in the fields of fitness and nutrition and has helped thousands of people realise their potential. He’s fun, he’s bursting with knowledge and he is obsessed about seeing people succeed.


Marleigh’s an ultra-runner, cyclist and weight lifting endurance athlete with a background in Biology. She gets a real buzz from breaking down the science, teaching clients how to find exercise they love and empowering people to realise what they’re capable of. She's worked many traveling jobs and knows what it’s like to need a flexible plan that allows for progress no matter where life takes you. Marleigh makes progress simple and adores support women to get strong in body and mind.


Erin is super passionate about helping people to adopt healthy habits. A self-confessed human body obsessive, Erin has a BS in Kinesiology and is continually fascinated by the human body and our capabilities when we provide the right resources. She is currently expanding her knowledge and is enrolled in a Nutrition and Wellness counseling program. As a mother of three amazing girls, nutrition and exercise find their way into conversations, as Erin believes a healthy mindset, along with nutrition education, is essential for understanding the body. In her spare time, you will find Erin enjoying the mountains in Colorado, trying to learn dances her daughters teach her and hanging out with her dog, Baxter.

Content Team


Gemma is an award-winning radio presenter, author and communications specialist. She’s worked for health organisations including David Lloyd Gyms, Fitness First Australia and British Triathlon to deliver campaigns that drive audience and engagement. An established writer, Gemma has written two best-selling books; Self-Discipline and Stop Procrastinating and Start Living. She brings her obsession for productivity, content and creativity to the Body Smart team. When not with BSF, you’ll find Gemma presenting the Sunday afternoon show on BBC Radio Lancashire, hanging out with her son and hubby or working out with her crazy dog, Kevin the chug.


Si is the head of marketing and is responsible for creating all of the content that you see on social media, from the infographics, photos to videos. With a background in photography and computing and a keen interest in all things tech, he's always looking for new ways to bring the Body Smart message across to the rest of the world.


Meet Sam! He's our editor/animator. He studied software development at college before completing a degree in animation. Sam joined us from a popular YouTube animated sports satire channel but now has a mission to put his animating talents to something that positively impacts the world. Sam is always animating as in his spare time he's self-studying 3D animation (think Pixar!). He plays several musical instruments, loves a spag bol dinner and lives with his girlfriend Becca and their three cats, Loke, Dust and Natsu.


Megan is our social media exec at Body Smart and loves to make a real difference to the lives of busy professional women. Megan loves health and fitness and is a proper gym bunny. She loves getting strong and seeing what her body is capable of along with the mental benefits. Megan is a big music fan and loves all sorts of genres but it's Fleetwood Mac who get her through a good sweaty workout. Megan's other profession is being a foodie. You'll find her sampling every delicious foodstuff from sweet to savoury that she can. When not working, at Uni studying marketing or keeping the Liverpool restaurants in business Megan can be found hiking and hoping the temperamental British weather doesn't spoil the stunning mountainous scenery.

Outreach Team


Chandler has a background in sports medicine, is a qualified personal trainer, nutritionist and is working towards becoming a naturopathic practitioner. She's a former elite Spartan athlete having competed in the Spartan World Championships. Chandler has overcome three knee surgeries and the mental health struggles that come with injury. Her experience makes her passion for helping others authentic and genuine. You'll find her most weekends exploring the mountainous regions of Colorado with her partner Jack and dogs Ryker and Lucy.


Olivia is one of our digital community managers and loves to help those interested in coaching get started with Body Smart. With a B.S. in Biology from Brigham Young (BYU) and a background as director of the Bountiful Mathnasium Center, Olivia blends her business acumen and organisation skills with her fitness and nutrition passion to answer the queries that come into Body Smart and help current clients with their questions. Olivia loves to cook and adores Zumba, volleyball and hiking. Coming from a military family, she enjoys traveling, exploring new sites, cultures, and making friends.


Kelsey lives in Dallas in TX and loves helping people feel beautiful and confident in their own skin. Kelsey was a dance major in college and has always had a love for health and fitness. In addition to dancing, you'll find Kelsey enjoying Zumba and kickboxing. When not working, Kelsey and her husband love walking their pit bull, Diesel, enjoying pasta and singing along to country music.


Jesi has been a “Jes of all trades”. She has worked in the customer service industry most of her life but also has experience as a model, actress, assistant director of tv and film, veterinary technician and an Uber driver. She currently lives in Canada with her fiancé but was mostly raised in Alabama. Born in Texas, she has also lived in California, Louisiana, Ohio and Mississippi. Moving around a lot since a child, Jesi has found a great understanding of empathy for people and loves to help them feel their best. Jesi loves to stay active by doing activities like hiking, basketball, boxing, dog walking, weight lifting, dancing wind swimming.