About Body Smart Fitness

We are Body Smart Fitness, a global online coaching company dedicated to helping busy women all around the world break free from restrictive diets, mindless exercise plans and unhealthy limiting beliefs.

We show you the sustainable way to get lasting results for life with our unique online fitness, food and mindset coaching.

Established in 2016 by Jaymie Moran and James Walsh, Body Smart Fitness was created as a direct result of us getting frustrated at the BS being peddled on social media when it came to diets and fitness.

We hate to see people stay unnecessarily stuck and trapped in a cycle of yo-yo diets, fads and unrealistic actions that mean any weight lost gets put back on (and more!) as soon as you stop the excessive exercise or restrictive diet.

We teach women how to make fitness and food fit into their life and not the other way around. We help you gain the valuable science-based knowledge you need to get the results you know you deserve.

Please take a look around the website and take the time to read some of the brilliant stories of the women we have helped with our life-changing coaching.

If you know you’re ready to change your life forever and step into the best version of you, it starts with the first step of getting on a call with a Body Smart coach. We make sure you’re right for us and we are right for you.